My first EP.
It feels surreal to even write this, but on May 21st 2021 it'll finally be available to stream on several platforms.
Golden includes songs I wrote at just sixteen, and some less than a year ago, so personally it feels like a fun representation of how I've grown as a songwriter, musician, and person.
I really hope everyone can find something meaningful in my music. Something you can apply to and draw from in your own lives.
One of my favorite aspects of making music is creating vocal arrangements, so I wanted the many vocals to be the focal point throughout the EP.
Another thing that was important to me from the beginning, was having strings be a part of every song, and I think they tied the EP together sonically just the way I wanted.
There's some variation of genre and style, but it feels like me, and that's what I'm most happy about.

Hope you enjoy listening. ♥

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Jenna Sofia is a Finnish singer-songwriter, actor, and dancer based in Finland and NYC, NY. She grew up in a small town, but always felt that the best way to grow as an artist would be to go out into the world. What better way to get inspired than see and experience different cultures, traditions, and ways of living, while being surrounded by countless talented, driven individuals.

Jenna creates through the mediums of acting, singing, composing, writing, and dancing. Her training extensively focuses on music and the performing arts, and she started out as a classical pianist and dancer — training ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. In elementary school she fell for the theater, and continued her acting studies first in high school and community theater, and now majoring in Visual and Performing Arts at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NY.

© Jenna Sofia 2021. All rights reserved.


Music is about stirring thought and emotion through storytelling. For me personally it has always been a way to find new perspectives, something to relate to, or get inspired by. That's what I wish for listeners to receive from my work as well - even if it's just once.
Music can be lighthearted and fun, and you don't always pay attention to the deeper message, but it can also be a very important way to connect and learn.
Ultimately, the reason I make music is that I enjoy it, and it's always an outlet for every emotion. Not necessarily even something in my own life, but something I see or hear in a film, on the street, or in some other artist's song, that has an impact on me.

I think it's important to always hold on to what I enjoy making and do my own thing.
My process is that I usually start by writing the lyrics, 'cause it's easier and more interesting for me to build on a story that's already there in words. There's an outline of what the theme is, so I just need to figure out the context. There's a lot a simple decision of minor or major can do, or what tempo the song has. There are endless possibilities, but only one final, true answer, and that challenge makes it even more interesting.

There's never a right or wrong to music, or any form of art though. I'm just forever intrigued by the way artists continue to portray such amazing stories through music, and if I can do that even in the slightest, it's more than I could ever ask for.

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